Foglie d’ulivo ai 5 gusti


Colori nuovi per un piatto multicolore. Le foglie d’ulivo Quattroemme sono porose e ruvide per trattenere al meglio ogni sugo!

Confezione: 500 gr

Ingredients: Durum wheat flour, water, dehydrated tomatoes (4%), beetroot (3%), dehydrated spinach (2%), powdered turmeric (2%).

Nutritional values (average nutritional information per 100 g):

Energy Kcal 353 / KJ 1495
Fats 1.09 gr.
Saturated fatty acids 0.60 gr.
Carbohydrates 71.5 gr.
of which sugars 3.6 gr.
Salt such as sodium 0.01 gr.
Proteins 11.3 gr.
Fibres 2.2 gr.

Preservation: Stored in a cool and dry place in well sealed bags away from any source of heat.

Additional details: They may contain traces of soy.

Cooking tips: Pour the product in salt water a few seconds before boiling. Cooking time: 15-18 min. about.

Peso 0.5 kg

500 gr

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