How quickly will I receive my order?

After placing the order, at the time it is entrusted to the courier, you will need to calculate 24/48h business.

Are all the products in stock?

Not all. Our taralli are always available, as they are dry products, while flatbreads and other fresh products we make daily to order.

How long will it take from the time of order to delivery to the courier?

Orders placed Sunday through Wednesday will be filled that week; while those placed Thursday through Saturday will be filled the following week.

Will I get a code so I can track my order?

Yes, after placing the order you will receive the code so you can track the delivery by email.

What is meant by 24/48-hour delivery?

As soon as an order is placed on our site, we set production in motion to prepare your order. This means that delivery on 24/48 hours starts from the moment the order is shipped, which is the moment the package is picked up by the courier.

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A large distribution network

Quattroemme has always tried to be different, with regard to shapes and flavours, creating unique Apulian baked products which, every day, fill the shelves of the best bakeries and large distribution centres of Italy.

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