Cotolette con panatura di tarallo alla curcuma
Published: January162023

Chicken cutlets with turmeric tarallo breadcrumbs

A taste of the classic but with an extra kick, thanks to breading with Quattroemme turmeric taralli! Your chicken cutlets will have a unique flavor.

Ingredients fo 2 people

  • chicken breast: 400gr
  • Eggs: 2
  • Flour: 50 gr.
  • Salt and pepper: qty
  • Seed oil: qty.
  • Special turmetic Taralli Quattroemme: 100 gr.


20 min




1. Make the breadcrumbs by crumbling the taralli, helping with a rolling pin. Add salt and pepper and set aside.

2. Take the eggs, break them and beat them in a dish, also arrange the flour in another container. Dip the chicken breast first in the flour on both sides, then in the beaten eggs and finally bread it well in the taralli crumble.

3. Add seed oil to a frying pan and let it heat up, finally fry your cutlets.

Eaten hot they are a delight!


You could customize this recipe by trying new flavors with our selection of taralli!

Have fun and range between cipolla, zenzero and pizza!

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