Aperitivo cocktail Negroni e Focaccia Barese
Published: January162023

Aperitivo cocktail Negroni and Focaccia Barese

For your moment of conviviality, Quattroemme offers an aperitif with the inimitable Focaccia Barese, accompanied by the famous Negroni cocktail.

Ingredients for one cup

  • Gin: 30ml.
  • Campari: 30ml.
  • Vermut Rosso: 30ml.
  • Orange: 1 clove
  • Ice: qty
  • Focaccia Barese Quattroemme 700 gr.


10 min




1. Take your favorite glass and fill it with ice, later removing the water from the bottom.

2. Add the Gin, Vermouth and Campari to the glass. Stir slowly with a teaspoon.

3. Lastly, add a clove of orange.

4. Serve with nearby Focaccia Barese cut into squares.

An aperitivo with flair for social evenings!


To complete the aperitivo, we recommend that you also pair it with our Onion Riccetti, or TostiniThanks to this combination of flavors the aperitivo at home will be just like at the bar!

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