Taralli ricoperti di cioccolato

Few things are certain at Easter time: the official start of allergies, rain on Easter Monday, and leftover kilos of chocolate eggs. Especially with children this happens almost automatically! But today we have here a special solution to be able to use chocolate.


  • Milk/dark or white chocolate 250 gr.
  • Butter 125 gr.
  • Homestyle taralli 400 gr. Quattroemme


15 min




1. Shred the remaining chocolate and place it in a small pot.

2. Prepare the Quattroemme homestyle Taralli in a dish so you can keep them ready to use.

3. Have a larger pot of water heated in a pot, and place the pot with the chocolate and butter inside.

4. Swirl very patiently until the chocolate is completely melted.

5. Remove the pot with the chocolate from the heat and dip the taralli as you like. (We left them two-tone).

6. Let them cool to dry the frosting.

Re-used chocolate!


The contrast between salty and sweet is enjoyed by so many people! Try adding our delizie allo zenzero.

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