Friselle con ceci, pomodorini e basilico
Published: January172023

Friselle with chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and basil

Friends home at the last minute? Want to make a fresh and healthy snack?

Delight in garnishing Frise Quattroemme with ti your favorite ingredients!

Ingredients for 2 friselle

  • Cherry tomatoes: 150 gr.
  • Chickpeas: 300 gr.
  • Olive oil: qty.
  • Fresh basil: qty.
  • Salt: qty.
  • Frise Quattroemme: 300 gr.


10 min




1. Drain the chickpeas in a sieve, wash and cut the cherry tomatoes into slices.

2. Arrange the friselle on a plate and garnish with oil.

3. Add the tomatoes, basil, and chickpeas to a bowl. Oil and salt to your liking, turning with a spoon.

4. Lay it all on the friselle and enjoy!

The crunchiness is fantastic!


From this simple recipe you can let your imagination run wild by creating the combinations you prefer!

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